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5S is the cleaning and organizing part of Lean


Q: What message do you send to your Customers when they walk through your doors?


Q:How much time do your employees spend looking, searching, and waiting for information they need to do their job? 5S can fix that.





 Conveys Professionalism

Improves Business Speed
Achieves Higher Quality
Makes the Workplace Safer
Reduces Time Waste
 Improves Workplace Morale



BE Quality has created a comprehensive 5S training program that will transform your workplace into a world class facility. Call today.




"By far, this is the best training that I have ever had - so organized and informative. I will definitely use these concepts both at work and in my personal life – Spencer, Accounts Receivables, Atlanta


“This is one of the most, if not the most important training classes I have attended in my career” - Matt, Operations Manager, North Carolina


“You did a great job. You kept the concepts simple, which enables us to apply it to our work ” – Tim, Warehouse Associate, Dallas


Discover the amazing power of 5S. Call Toll Free: 844-913-6685

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