Paul Akers - 2 Second Lean

Paul Akers: 2 Second Lean

QUALITY is a critical component in everything … yet most people have no idea how to build it into their business.

What is your business doing to institutionalize quality?

Do you deliver defect free products every time?

Quality pleases customers. It attracts new customers.

Ritsuo Shingo: Japan Study Mission


Poor quality costs money. It cripples and sometimes bankrupts a business.

Poor quality increases labor costs and equipment downtime.

It results in angry customers, delivery delays, lost business, and sometimes, litigation.

A Strong Quality Program MAKES MONEY:

  • Reduces costly errors
  • Improves business speed and response time
  • Eliminates waste and rework
  • Improves on-time delivery
  • Eliminates non-value adding activities
  • Most importantly… it delights customers

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