Lean is a business improvement system that focuses on the fanatical elimination of waste.

Studies have shown that 70 percent of a business’s money is spent on activities that provide no value to the customer. None.

Think about that. If you’re a business owner, it’s very likely the majority of your capital is wasted, thrown down the drain.


Because everyday activities such as administrative tasks, reworking material, double-checking work, addressing customer complaints, and other non-value added activities drain your business of profitability.

Lean has become a global phenomenon. Many of the largest companies in the world today rely on Lean to maintain an efficient and profitable business.


By slashing waste, Lean will simplify your business, making it run faster, with fewer errors. In today’s competitive world, responding quickly and accurately to a customer’s needs is crucial.


BE Quality has taught Lean across North America, from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando Florida, to Vancouver Canada – and many points in between. Clients have reported hard dollar savings in excess of $12 million dollars as a direct result of process improvements identified by their very own employees after receiving BE Quality’s eye-opening training. BEQ’s powerful teaching method is unmatched, combining kinesthetic learning with a teaching style that is upbeat and fun.

Bruce Ennis has taught Lean to thousands of employees – from entry-level staff to senior-level leadership. More importantly, Bruce has applied his knowledge of Lean to dramatically improve the processes of corporations large and small – in both manufacturing and administrative environments. Contact BE Quality now to arrange a free consultation.

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